ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN Review Why to Use ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Review – is one of the best, largest, most loveable, and widely adopted by many people! But do you think it is really worthy! In this comprehensive ExpressVPN review, we have performed a number of testing & you will get the answer of following questions which arise in your mind.

  • What is ExpressVPN?
  • ExpressVPN is reliable & fast?
  • With the ExpressVPN the Netflix & other streaming Apps & services can be unblocked?
  • It is really worthy to buy the ExpressVPN?

We have performed a number of testing to answer all the questions mentioned above! We have performed testing to verify the reliability, security, speeds, and to find out all working features! Let’s Explore the answer one by one!

ExpressVPN Review

What is ExpressVPN?

I would like to be more precise & to the point! Here are the supporting points which could urge a user to buy ExpressVPN

  • Unmatched Speeds throughout all the server networks.
  • The interface is extremely user-friendly which makes it super easy to use.
  • Highly reliable App can easily support all the devices.
  • Great encryption mechanism.
  • Zero or no leaks.
  • Amazing Security Features
  • Proven no logs by VPN Provider.
  • Big & highly secure networks of server. (Servers are running in RAM-disk mode)
  • Easily compatible to unblock the Netflix & can run streaming applications.
  • Have Browser Extension with Secure HTTP everywhere or HTTPS.
  • VPN Tunneling can be split.
  • Available for both Android & iOS devices.
  • Can enjoy dedicated VPN router app which is offering unlimited connections.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • ExpressVPN offering 30-day money back guarantee.

The one & only down side of Express VPN is that it is a bit expensive as compared to the other rivals available in the market.

WhatsExpressVPN is offering?

VPN Protocols

Nowadays VPN technology is quite mature and there are a number of ultimate ways to create a great VPN connection but among all of them, I like OpenVPN Protocol. It is well known for offering great reliability & speed and above all, it is one of the open-source protocols (means that anyone has programming knowledge can do modifications or pick up the code smells).

As far as the ExpressVPN is concerned it happily support the OpenVPN UDP and TCP on iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, & windows. Moreover, ExpressVPN also supports OpenVPN protocol in the configuration of routers.

If you are the user of ExpressVPN then you have also seen that ExpressVPN also allows you to use L2TP protocol on Windows and Mac. You can also use PPTP on windows only but we don’t recommend them as they are less Secure!

Servers & their Locations

Servers are actually the machines to which your connection is originated. All of your traffic routed through these servers and undoubtedly it is great if you have a diverse range of server’s places in different locations.

As far as ExpressVPN servers and their locations are concerned then it comes up with 160 servers across the 94 countries of the world. As compared to its rival it is the one offering more diversity and advanced VPN technology! It has 4 of its locations in Africa and ExpressVPN is also offering a great coverage across the whole South America. It is also offering the servers for some countries like Russian, Turkey, Vietnam, and China. That’s why there is nothing wrong to say that there is no match of ExpressVPN in geographic diversity and Servers.

ExpressVPN Privacy

Your main concern to use any VPN is your privacy that’s why while using any VPN you are entrusting them. If the VPN vendors don’t have morals, they can easily monetize your personal information in many ways just like most of the ISPs are doing. That’s why it is really very crucial to read & understand the Privacy Policy of any VPN provider.

As far as the ExpressVPN privacy policy is concerned it collects the data of activity with the sole purpose of running its business but it must be clear that only limited data they gathered. These collection never include about the usage of VPN of user for instance no data about the contents & destinations of VPN traffic, no DNS queries, and obviously no IP addresses.

All in all, the ExpressVPN privacy policy tries to explain that it doesn’t match the users to IP address or any other activities. That’s everything any user wants from a VPN company. The headquarters of ExpressVPN has no data retention laws.

Speed & performance

It is a fact that using a VPN would slow down your internet connection to crawl the web pages because it increases the latency rate and reduce the download & upload speeds! Most of the time it is not bearable! Upon running a test, it is found that with ExpressVPN you will get more latency rate! Yes, your latency rate will increase but your upload and download speed will decrease.

To Sum up all, you will enjoy good speed & performance once you start using ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN& Netflix

Most of the users use VPNs to stream media but most the VPNs couldn’t unblock the streaming apps like Netflix, Showbox, and others! With the help of ExpressVPN is successfully established a connection with Netflix and enjoyed a lot.

ExpressVPN allows you to watch unlimited movies, TV shows, and much more for free of cost!

Additional FAQs

Here are some of the other facts & figures we have found during the extensive testing of Express VPN.

Is there is any leaking testing took for ExpressVPN?

You can easily find out ExpressVPN leakage with the help of an ExpressVPN Leak Testing tool!

Can we torrenting with ExpressVPN?

I must say yes! You can use ExpressVPN for torrenting.

ExpressVPN work in China or Not?

Yes, ExpressVPN works across the whole globe!

How many connections does ExpressVPN allow?

Currently, ExpressVPN allows only 5 connections but you can use ExpressVPN router app to create unlimited connections.

Final Verdicts

There is nothing wrong to say that ExpressVPN is expressive VPN service which is offering a great diversity in servers and server locations, amazing features but a few or limited simultaneous connections. And also, it is an expensive one!