CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost Review | Is it Worthy to buy Subscription of CyberGhost or not?

CyberGhost is one of the Romanian-based VPN services. CyberGhost is offering its services for the last 7 years and within a very short period of time, the fan following of the VPN provider grow exponentially. You will get each and every feature you expect from a Pro VPN like AES 256-bit encryption & OpenVPN together with the option of tunneling protocols. Moreover, the pricing mechanism or structure of the CyberGhost is highly affordable.

CyberGhost Review
CyberGhost Review

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and defines as a private network over the public internet or you may consider it a kind of internet security which offers you to surf the internet without revealing your identity, location, and other personal information.

What is the Use of a VPN?

VPN actually provides you with additional security in the virtual world and saves you from the hackers or spies from knowing Who is online? From where he/she is online? And what he/she does on the internet.

You can use it to access blocked websites in your region.

How VPN Works?

The overall VPN mechanism is very simple and straightforward. First of all, the VPN encrypts your internet connection and connection your home device with one of the servers. Then the server act as a “middleman” between the sites and your computer. The whole process of establishing a connection, maintaining it, and finally terminating it done in a highly secure manner and in this regard big thanks to the server.

Features of CyberGhost

Far Away from the 14 Eyes

The CyberGhost officially founded back in 2011 by the joint collaboration of 55 persons located in the Bucharest, Romania, CyberGhost. The location of the far away from the 14 eyes (your personal data lies at a safe place and won’t be shared with anyone else like intelligence agencies of the world.


CyberGhost is enriched of all essential features like

Sr. No Features Status
1 IP Hiding Yes
2 Kill Switch Yes
3 Maximum Simultaneous Connection. 7
4 No. of Servers 3999
5 Location of Servers (No. of Countries) 60

The server network of CyberGhost is spread over 60 different countries of the world and has servers across the US, UK, Canada, Asia, and many other places Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Supporting Devices

The VPN service is highly compatible with a number of available devices for example

  • Android.
  • iOS.
  • Windows.
  • Mac.
  • Linux.
  • Chrome.
  • Firefox.
  • Many others.

If you are a technical person then you can easily connect the CyberGhost with the routers and also with the Linux devices.

VPN Protocols

There is nothing wrong to say that CyberGhost is supporting all best VPN protocols like

  • OpenVPN.
  • L2TP.
  • IPSec.

It simply means that you will enjoy best-in-class, AES-256 encryption standards in order to make all of your internet connections secure and safe.

Strict No-Logging Policy

Most of the VPN service providers falsely claim about no logging but later on while in deep digging you will find out how far is the truth. But in the case of CyberGhost, they have really strict no-logging policy. Here is what they have mentioned on their websites and also it is the part of Terms & Conditions.

The above image contains text is taken from the official website of CyberGhost link provided.

Image Source:

Zero Leak Detected

Stay tune there is much more about CyberGhost to tell you. There is nothing wrong to say that it comes up with the zero leak. Several times while testing we have passed the CyberGhost through the ringer and try to find out our original IP but I must say that it was completely protected.

Allow Torrenting

Many of the VPNs claim that they allow the torrenting but in actual that not happen while in the case of CyberGhost it is one of the main selling points of theirs. CyberGhost allows you to do torrenting.

Once you successfully download, install, and launched the CyberGhost application, all you need is to click on the menu located at the left bottom of the user interface.

At the Server menu you will see a list of servers and then at the left side you can easily find the option “For Torrenting” click on it. You can select any of the server from the available server list & Enjoy Torrenting.

Unblock the Netflix Services

One of the sole purposes of using VPN is to unblock the streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and others. CyberGhost featuring the list of VPN servers for video streaming. That streaming servers of the CyberGhost keep on changing their IP address in order to enjoy you the smooth running of Netflix Services.

24/7 Live Support Chat

Among the best features of any service or software, 24/7 Live Support is also considered. CyberGhost is offering 24/7 Live Support Chat to its users.


  • Let you enjoy 7 connections at one time with single subscription.
  • 3999 servers with vast diversity of location.
  • Strong No-Logging policy.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Unblock torrenting and Netflix.
  • No Log files
  • No leaks
  • Highly affordable.


  • Parent company is questionable.

Bottom Line

All in all, CyberGhost is offering one of the best & excellent VPN services supporting all essential features and highly affordable price. It is really worthy to buy the subscription of CyberGhost.

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